Alen Jonson

Alen Jonson- Engineer

TOHO9000 is really awesome! I bought it from TOHO9000.com.au and after I have used it in my Mitsubishi car, the torque and horsepower of my car’s engine has improved. It’s a diesel car that I have but it has worked great in it. I am very happy with its performance and would really recommend you to buy it as well if you are looking for a high performance engine oil treatment.

Robert Brown

Robert Brown- Ceo

For all those people who are looking for a high performance engine oil treatment for their motorbikes, cars, trucks or boats should go and buy TOHO9000 from TOHO9000.com.au. I have made my purchase recently from there for my car and thus I would like to mention that I am really enjoying its benefits. It is also good for the environment.

John Doe

John Doe- HOD

Before purchasing TOHO9000 from TOHO9000.com.au I tested my car on a Dyno machine. I even tested it after adding TOHO9000. I saw the difference instantly. It increased the horsepower and torque of my car’s engine instantly by 4%.


Toho9000- TOHO9000 is the most amazing proven product in oil protection

TOHO9000 is a proven product in oil protection and it increases Performance in your Engine Oil

Extends Engine oil life up to 20 times longer

AVL Endurance Tests with Toho9000 from 07/07/96 till 07/11/96 
22hr every days for 4 months and 2 weeks total of 1250 hr running time = 100,000 KM without any irregularities. 

Mr Alan Draper

Mr Alan Draper- Test Run with Toho9000 in two 1973 engine

Phone 0416 261 395 
Email info@starshipcruises.com.au

His cruisers used to replace engine oil every 300Hr. Now they are using TOHO9000 it has run more than 2500Hr, an increase of 10 times over the oil changing period. 

It has saved them money and time. But it helps conserve oil and improve the environment we live in.
So far the oil in the engine of the boat has gone better, is that amazing?


TOHO9000- AVL is in Austria Engine Development Dept

AVL is a well know company in Austria they started from 1948 Designing the best performance engine at low manufacturing cost and now TOHO 9000 will make engine run even longed and cost even lesses to keep.

TOHO 9000 - 1250 Hours Endurance Test at AVL
AVL has caried out endurance tests for 1250 hours with TOHO 9000 in accordance with the MAN 500 test procedure equivalent to a vehicle running distance of approximately 100,000 km. This procedure is a well known test for European heavy duty engines with a rated powe output of 230 kW (313 PS). Based on the results of lube oil analysis (wear metal content, TBN, viscosity, insolubles) having been monitored throughout the whole test period, the engine with TOHO 9000 and regular topped up with standard oil stand for at least 100,000 km without any irregularities.

Based on the lube oil analysis as well as on the visual inspection results of the engine main components, an extention of the running time to more than 1250 hours can be recommended.

No negative influence of the use of TOHO 9000 with respect to engine wear, power output or engine emissions are indicated.


Toho9000- AVL

Toho 9000 - 1250 Hours Endurance Test at AVL
AVL has caried out endurance tests for 1250 hours with TOHO 9000 in accordance with the MAN 500 test procedure equivalent to a vehicle running distance of approximately 100,000 km. This procedure is a well known test for European heavy duty engines with a rated powe output of 230 kW (313 PS). Based on the results of lube oil analysis (wear metal content, TBN, viscosity, insolubles) having been monitored throughout the whole test period, the engine with TOHO 9000 and regular topped up with standard oil stand for at least 100,000 km without any irregularities.

Based on the lube oil analysis as well as on the visual inspection results of the engine main components, an extention of the running time to more than 1250 hours can be recommended.

No negative influence of the use of TOHO 9000 with respect to engine wear, power output or engine emissions are indicated.

Burton & Scerra

Burton & Scerra- ABC Cab at Artarmon Workshop

Burton & Scerra 7A Dickson Ave
Mr.Robert Artarmon NSW

Phone0414945028 or 02 94398118

Since 30/05/2006

His cab has done over 180,000 km and saved five oil changes by now But the cab is still running with TOHO 9000 for another 80,000 km before the next oil and in total he will save about 19 oil changes, in all it comes 95 ltres of waste oil. for one cab is 8000 cab x 95 ltres waste oil = 760,000 per year.

And save in Fuel and down time 
1, 10% every Fuel tank
2, $ 400 saving in 19 services
3, TOHO 9000 the more you drive the better it gets, money back guarantee if you dont enjoy driving with TOHO 9000, Way to go TOHO!

Mr Kim

Mr Kim- Retail outlet for toho9000 in auto joy motor sport

The more you drive it the better it get

Mr Kim From Auto Joy At Parramatta is personally using it in his Audi. He has been driving the vehicles for the last 2.5 years without changing the engine oil. he says, "The car is soo smooth and perform so well, i'm so impressed with the fuel efficency and i also carry TOHO 9000 in my shop." 

Address: 261 Church St, Parramatta, NSW, 2150.
Tel: (61 2) 98915566
e-mail: sale@autojoy.com.au
website: www.autojoy.com.au

Mr Makoto Endoh

Mr Makoto Endoh- JAL Engineering and Service With TOHO 9000

Thank you for your Telefax on 13 May 1998 
We at Airport Engineering and Service is a menber of the JAL group.

Kansai plant performs maintenance of ground support Equipments(G S E) for Aircraft.
(Please refer Profile 1 & 2)

Secondly, we use NEO MH001 oil (TOHO 9000) in the Aircraft Tow Tractors,Cargo Loaders and Cargo tugs etc. 
NEO Oil ( TOHO 9000 ) is very good performance For Example, case of Aircraft Tow Tractor's engine oil, Usually, Engin oil should be replace every 250Hr of operating hour. But replacement interval of NEO (TOHO) became every 2,500Hr of operating hour. Also over haul interval extendad 125% more. 
If you have any questions, please contact me Mr Makoto Endoh Phone:724-55-3467


TOHO9000- Toho 9000 run for 1250hr with Liebherr D926 TI-E Engine for Endurance Test

Toho9000 max with Shell Helix 10w -30 lube oil for Deisel Engine. 

The Engine cleanliness was good. 

After 1250Hrs which is equal to 100,000 km in real life. I has run every day for 22 heavy loading hours for more than 4 months. 
But toho9000 still is satisfactory and suitable for further use.


TOHO9000- RTA Australia for Taxi

You do not have to change your engine oil ever 6000 km to 7000 km if you are using TOHO9000 to protect your engine oil and helps us reduce oil and fuel consumption. 

Why Change every moth Change every year. How good is that? 

SAVE $$$$ and TIME 

And your Cab runs so much better ! With TOHO9000! way to go TOHO9000.....

Prof Dipi ing Dr. H. Schindlbauer

Prof Dipi ing Dr. H. Schindlbauer- I.M.U Vienna 24/06/1997 uaiv

If the advantages of Toho9000 as an additive to engine lube oils, as stated in AVL report, also prove true on a more general level, this additive will be able to extend the cycle time of oil-changing considcrably and, thus help reduce the amount of waste oil as well (environmental aspect).


Toho9000- Oil Check is a Australian Company Approve by National Association of Testing Authorities.

Oil Check Have been testing our oil samples for the past nine years. For car, trucks, boats and hydralics etc...TOHO 9000 can be used in almost anything to do with machine and engine oil. 

TOHO 9000 is now a proven product in protecting and prolonging the life of your oil that you are using now. TOHO 9000 is the most important item for all motors today. We can save money and time but most of all we help to preserve our worlds natural oil reserves for the next generation to come...


TOHO9000- 1997 QANTAS Ground Transport Unit Trial With TOHO 9000 for Saving Oil and Maintence Cost.

With QANTAS we were running TOHO 9000 mix with Castrol RX super 15w-40 in five Toyota 2TD-25 baggage TUGS with no water and air cooling system. For that with any normal diesel engine oil it will not be able to achive 1250 working hours with no oil and filter changes for more than six months. If we were to mix TOHO 9000 with 10w-30 instead of 15w-40 it will run even better with wear and tear and a bigger saving in fuel cost..


TOHO9000- Taxi Combined from Greenacre have achived more than 225,000 km in two years of taxi service.

Taxi T4605 Ford Falcon 1995 From 08/01/1997 till 25/09/1998 

He and two other drivers have managed to achive 225,000 km with out having lost time and money, with no brake down in two years having saved a lot in fuel. He is used to having to do his own service in oil change and no more wasted oil.


John- TOHO 9000 Outlet at Euroticar www.euroticar.com

Toho 9000 is the one and only proven product to protect your engine oil. 

Come to Euroticar or vist www.euroticar.com 

For info call John 0418 421 741 about TOHO 


TOHO9000- Toho9000 Outlet at Auto Joy Narellan

Auto joy at Narellan store 

3/342 Camden Valley Way 

Tel:02 464708812 
Fax:02 46478813


TOHO9000- Toho9000 out let at Auto joy Castle Hill

Auto joy at Castle Hill. 

Shop 477 Castle towers shopping centre. 



Tel 02 98995579 
Fax 02 98995579


TOHO9000- Toho9000 out let at Jet speed

Jet speed 

4 Bridges Rd Moore Bank 
NSW 2170 
Tel 02 96018111 
fax 02 96029533 



TOHO9000- Executive Summary:

Biblis Holdings Pty Ltd T/A 
TOHO9000 Australia 

ABN 89 002 896 773 Reg 1985 

Executive Summary 

Sophisticated Environmental Breakthrough Lubrication Oil TOHO9000. Superb Engine Oil Vitamin for oil protection. 
Toho9000 the one and only proven product in oil protection creates superior performance, Exceeds above all level of aspect requirements to sustain its long lasting operating condition, providing efficiency and performence to dramatically reduction emissions. Maintaining satisfactory viscosity level throughout the extended life span of the oil life by 10 to 20 times longer, it minimizes friction and reduces positive ion accumulation caused by friction in the engine. 

By minimising friction it will even double the life span of the engine working life. 
Toho9000 proven Vitamin to be use in all type of oil, for it to increase oil quality immediately and upgrades its quality by an enormous amount, as we know it is better than any conventional oil out there.

It took fifteen long good years of the most important research and development to create the Toho9000 Formula and we were well prepared for the imposing world PEAK OIL Crisis. The hard work was achieved by six outstanding scientists that have given fifteen years of thier life to try to help us continue our lifestyle based on the world petroleum infrastructure. In the past decade Toho9000 is the most sophisticated product to have prove its positive role in the various issues of our society regarding petroleum. 

As we all know it is a crime to be wasting water and it will be a sin to waste oil, but most of all if we don't make very good use of Toho9000 it will be the Biggest waste of all. Thank you very much.



TOHO9000- Merlo Telescopic Handlers

31/01/2005 till 03/02/2006 

Turbo Diesel Engine 

oil type max with Toho9000 

Running for over 1200 hr


TOHO9000- Price of oil keep going up use toho9000 to save

Toho9000 the one and only Proven Product for oil protection. 

  1. Reduces oil consumption by 90% 
  2. Reduces fuel consumption by 10% 
  3. Increase engine power from 5kw to 20kw by use Toho9000 

Most of all contains no PTFE or any other harmful substances.

Alex 02 93194645

Alex 02 93194645- Our service work shop outlet

Alex Auto Electrical and Mechanical Service all work Fully Guaranteed. 
Come for a full Toho9000 Service We guarantee your oil for 200,000 KM. 
Cost $450 in total. 
Make a booking for your next Service with Toho9000. 

Phone 02 93194645 Ask for Alex 
Cnr Young & Powell Sts,Waterloo 2017 NSW open six days a week.

From 8am till 6pm



The one and only proven product in oil protection and performance and the more you drive it the better it gets.

Mr. Brett Dodd

Mr. Brett Dodd- Veolia Environmental Servicea Collex

From Mr. Brett Dodd 

9 Waynote Place 
Unanderra NSW 2526 
Phone 02 42727273 or 0418421593 

Baulkham Hill Shire Council

Baulkham Hill Shire Council- Baulkham Hill Shire Council Have Started Using TOHO9000 For Their Garbage Trucks

From late 2004 untill now TOHO9000 has shown very successfull reports in the hydralic oil samples we have gathered. After running more than 4000 hrs the report has shown that the oil has gotten even better. It is still in use now.


TOHO9000- Up to date report for hydraulics and engine oil from Baulkham hills shire council

We have been running TOHO9000 in the hydralic oil now for over 4200hrs.

The engine has done over 28688km and 2800hrs and is still running now.


TOHO9000- Cook Islands BUDGET Rental Car

The cook Isands BUDGET Rental Car Company.

They are using it in their bikes and cars.


TOHO9000- Raro Mountain Safari Tours


Email. sambo@rarosafaritours.co.ck

Strathfield Council

Strathfield Council- Strathfield Council Plant Supevintendent Hardy

Strathfileld Council Advanced Thinking.

They are doing a trial with Toho9000 oil additive. They are to be planning for the Peak Oil Crisis coming soon. 

We will keep you up Date with all report with this Trial from Strathfield Council. 

Thank you very much for all your support. 

Barry Crowther

Barry Crowther- In the USA

Barry Crowther 

The car has gone 150,000 miles total. I have traveled about 70,000 miles with this car since adding Toho9000. 
Take care. 

Hi Kim, 
I am doing well. I do think Toho9000 will help a lot of people in the U.S. It will take some educating to convince people here that they are better off spending $200 for Toho9000 than $30 for their next oil change. I suspect that the commercial market would be more open up front to this change in the way they deal with oil changes. It sounds like that is what you have experienced also. 
The work you have already done and the customer testimonials you have will go a long way in helping people understand why it is in their best interest to make this change. 
Hope all is well with you, 


TOHO9000- From Simon Radio Station

He has used TOHO9000 ih hes car for the past year and he really liked it so much that he is helping us sell Toho9000. 

Call to ask 0415955441

Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook- Cook island Buses

Kia orana Swee Kim Ng, 

Attached are two shots of the first of our buses to have Toho9000 added to the engine, transmission, differential and power steering, this is the bus that we had the oil sample done on. 

Please Note; On the oil sample sheet they had the model down as an MK-116G. Which is a mistake, the model is MK-116J, and not G. 

Kevin Cook 


TOHO9000- The Cook Island buses

Dear Swee Kim Ng 
These are two of our fleet that we treated with Toho9000 this year, they seem to be performing very well. These two buses circle the Island each day on a rotating basis each week. When a particular bus does clockwise around Rarotonga, on that shift it will do nine trips around Rarotonga each day, at times with heavy loading. The same is for when that bus is moved to anticlockwise. When it moves to the night shift it will do an average of 38 trips around the island for the whole week. 

There are three buses the same that share our rotating public transport system around Rarotonga. Each move with their respective driver onto the next shift that the driver is rostered for. 

These buses are also called on at times, after hours to do extra work with the rest of our fleet of twelve buses, which four are now running with Toho9000. Another five buses will have Toho9000 added when our next shipment arrives in about a weeks time. One of these buses to be treated is the third of the public transport system buses. 

The first of the buses that we treated with Toho9000 is bus number 8 in our fleet, that bus now is a backup for the three on the public transport system after doing the night shift and school runs for a number of years. The mileage on bus number 8, now is 992094 kilometers and it has done 38696 kilometers since we added Toho9000. 

Our Company is very happy with the performance of our buses, after adding Toho9000 to them. I must say that at first I was a none believer, but I am now very impressed with your product. 

Thank you for introducing us to Toho9000. 

Kind Regards 

Kevin Cook 
Managing Director 
Cook's Island Bus Passenger Transport ltd 
PO Box 613 
Cook Islands 
Phone (682) 25512 
Fax 682) 25513 


TOHO9000- The Cook Island buses

Dear Swee Kim Ng, 

I'm not trying to bargain with you, but you should make me an attractive wholesale offer. The offer you made me seems to be the retail price. How much did you offer the product to Raina Trading Ltd for, so they could on sell it? 

I will leave the price that you offer me up to you, you know what the proper costs would be. When I buy my parts and oil from New Zealand, I expect to get good wholesale prices from my suppliers, as we are an on seller of services, the same applies to our fuel supplier on Rarotonga. 

I will give you some fuel consumption results of yesterday, these are from our test bus and another bus on the public transport route around Rarotonga, both doing the same mileage and similar loadings. The test bus a Fuso MK-116J with a Mitsubishi 6D15 engine, was on the Anticlockwise route and had slightly lower loadings, she used 47 litres of fuel. The other Mitsubishi Fuso MK-117J with a 6D16 engine (same seating capacity, but slightly higher loadings) was on the clockwise route around the island used 49 litres of fuel. 
The MK117J is a lower ratio bus and uses the fifth gear more than the test bus which most of the time runs in fourth gear. 

This is one reason I want to evaluate the test bus more, befor I fully commit myself to Toho9000. 

We think there are other benifits, but we need to prove that and that is what we have been are doing. 

I do not doutb you in any way, but I need to satisfy myself.