TOHO9000- From Simon Radio Station

He has used TOHO9000 ih hes car for the past year and he really liked it so much that he is helping us sell Toho9000. 

Call to ask 0415955441

Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook- Cook island Buses

Kia orana Swee Kim Ng, 

Attached are two shots of the first of our buses to have Toho9000 added to the engine, transmission, differential and power steering, this is the bus that we had the oil sample done on. 

Please Note; On the oil sample sheet they had the model down as an MK-116G. Which is a mistake, the model is MK-116J, and not G. 

Kevin Cook 


TOHO9000- The Cook Island buses

Dear Swee Kim Ng 
These are two of our fleet that we treated with Toho9000 this year, they seem to be performing very well. These two buses circle the Island each day on a rotating basis each week. When a particular bus does clockwise around Rarotonga, on that shift it will do nine trips around Rarotonga each day, at times with heavy loading. The same is for when that bus is moved to anticlockwise. When it moves to the night shift it will do an average of 38 trips around the island for the whole week. 

There are three buses the same that share our rotating public transport system around Rarotonga. Each move with their respective driver onto the next shift that the driver is rostered for. 

These buses are also called on at times, after hours to do extra work with the rest of our fleet of twelve buses, which four are now running with Toho9000. Another five buses will have Toho9000 added when our next shipment arrives in about a weeks time. One of these buses to be treated is the third of the public transport system buses. 

The first of the buses that we treated with Toho9000 is bus number 8 in our fleet, that bus now is a backup for the three on the public transport system after doing the night shift and school runs for a number of years. The mileage on bus number 8, now is 992094 kilometers and it has done 38696 kilometers since we added Toho9000. 

Our Company is very happy with the performance of our buses, after adding Toho9000 to them. I must say that at first I was a none believer, but I am now very impressed with your product. 

Thank you for introducing us to Toho9000. 

Kind Regards 

Kevin Cook 
Managing Director 
Cook's Island Bus Passenger Transport ltd 
PO Box 613 
Cook Islands 
Phone (682) 25512 
Fax 682) 25513 


TOHO9000- The Cook Island buses

Dear Swee Kim Ng, 

I'm not trying to bargain with you, but you should make me an attractive wholesale offer. The offer you made me seems to be the retail price. How much did you offer the product to Raina Trading Ltd for, so they could on sell it? 

I will leave the price that you offer me up to you, you know what the proper costs would be. When I buy my parts and oil from New Zealand, I expect to get good wholesale prices from my suppliers, as we are an on seller of services, the same applies to our fuel supplier on Rarotonga. 

I will give you some fuel consumption results of yesterday, these are from our test bus and another bus on the public transport route around Rarotonga, both doing the same mileage and similar loadings. The test bus a Fuso MK-116J with a Mitsubishi 6D15 engine, was on the Anticlockwise route and had slightly lower loadings, she used 47 litres of fuel. The other Mitsubishi Fuso MK-117J with a 6D16 engine (same seating capacity, but slightly higher loadings) was on the clockwise route around the island used 49 litres of fuel. 
The MK117J is a lower ratio bus and uses the fifth gear more than the test bus which most of the time runs in fourth gear. 

This is one reason I want to evaluate the test bus more, befor I fully commit myself to Toho9000. 

We think there are other benifits, but we need to prove that and that is what we have been are doing. 

I do not doutb you in any way, but I need to satisfy myself. 


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