TOHO9000- Cook Islands BUDGET Rental Car

The cook Isands BUDGET Rental Car Company.

They are using it in their bikes and cars.


TOHO9000- Raro Mountain Safari Tours


Email. sambo@rarosafaritours.co.ck

Strathfield Council

Strathfield Council- Strathfield Council Plant Supevintendent Hardy

Strathfileld Council Advanced Thinking.

They are doing a trial with Toho9000 oil additive. They are to be planning for the Peak Oil Crisis coming soon. 

We will keep you up Date with all report with this Trial from Strathfield Council. 

Thank you very much for all your support. 

Barry Crowther

Barry Crowther- In the USA

Barry Crowther 

The car has gone 150,000 miles total. I have traveled about 70,000 miles with this car since adding Toho9000. 
Take care. 

Hi Kim, 
I am doing well. I do think Toho9000 will help a lot of people in the U.S. It will take some educating to convince people here that they are better off spending $200 for Toho9000 than $30 for their next oil change. I suspect that the commercial market would be more open up front to this change in the way they deal with oil changes. It sounds like that is what you have experienced also. 
The work you have already done and the customer testimonials you have will go a long way in helping people understand why it is in their best interest to make this change. 
Hope all is well with you, 

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