TOHO9000- Executive Summary:

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TOHO9000 Australia 

ABN 89 002 896 773 Reg 1985 

Executive Summary 

Sophisticated Environmental Breakthrough Lubrication Oil TOHO9000. Superb Engine Oil Vitamin for oil protection. 
Toho9000 the one and only proven product in oil protection creates superior performance, Exceeds above all level of aspect requirements to sustain its long lasting operating condition, providing efficiency and performence to dramatically reduction emissions. Maintaining satisfactory viscosity level throughout the extended life span of the oil life by 10 to 20 times longer, it minimizes friction and reduces positive ion accumulation caused by friction in the engine. 

By minimising friction it will even double the life span of the engine working life. 
Toho9000 proven Vitamin to be use in all type of oil, for it to increase oil quality immediately and upgrades its quality by an enormous amount, as we know it is better than any conventional oil out there.

It took fifteen long good years of the most important research and development to create the Toho9000 Formula and we were well prepared for the imposing world PEAK OIL Crisis. The hard work was achieved by six outstanding scientists that have given fifteen years of thier life to try to help us continue our lifestyle based on the world petroleum infrastructure. In the past decade Toho9000 is the most sophisticated product to have prove its positive role in the various issues of our society regarding petroleum. 

As we all know it is a crime to be wasting water and it will be a sin to waste oil, but most of all if we don't make very good use of Toho9000 it will be the Biggest waste of all. Thank you very much.



TOHO9000- Merlo Telescopic Handlers

31/01/2005 till 03/02/2006 

Turbo Diesel Engine 

oil type max with Toho9000 

Running for over 1200 hr


TOHO9000- Price of oil keep going up use toho9000 to save

Toho9000 the one and only Proven Product for oil protection. 

  1. Reduces oil consumption by 90% 
  2. Reduces fuel consumption by 10% 
  3. Increase engine power from 5kw to 20kw by use Toho9000 

Most of all contains no PTFE or any other harmful substances.

Alex 02 93194645

Alex 02 93194645- Our service work shop outlet

Alex Auto Electrical and Mechanical Service all work Fully Guaranteed. 
Come for a full Toho9000 Service We guarantee your oil for 200,000 KM. 
Cost $450 in total. 
Make a booking for your next Service with Toho9000. 

Phone 02 93194645 Ask for Alex 
Cnr Young & Powell Sts,Waterloo 2017 NSW open six days a week.

From 8am till 6pm

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