Prof Dipi ing Dr. H. Schindlbauer

Prof Dipi ing Dr. H. Schindlbauer- I.M.U Vienna 24/06/1997 uaiv

If the advantages of Toho9000 as an additive to engine lube oils, as stated in AVL report, also prove true on a more general level, this additive will be able to extend the cycle time of oil-changing considcrably and, thus help reduce the amount of waste oil as well (environmental aspect).


Toho9000- Oil Check is a Australian Company Approve by National Association of Testing Authorities.

Oil Check Have been testing our oil samples for the past nine years. For car, trucks, boats and hydralics etc...TOHO 9000 can be used in almost anything to do with machine and engine oil. 

TOHO 9000 is now a proven product in protecting and prolonging the life of your oil that you are using now. TOHO 9000 is the most important item for all motors today. We can save money and time but most of all we help to preserve our worlds natural oil reserves for the next generation to come...


TOHO9000- 1997 QANTAS Ground Transport Unit Trial With TOHO 9000 for Saving Oil and Maintence Cost.

With QANTAS we were running TOHO 9000 mix with Castrol RX super 15w-40 in five Toyota 2TD-25 baggage TUGS with no water and air cooling system. For that with any normal diesel engine oil it will not be able to achive 1250 working hours with no oil and filter changes for more than six months. If we were to mix TOHO 9000 with 10w-30 instead of 15w-40 it will run even better with wear and tear and a bigger saving in fuel cost..


TOHO9000- Taxi Combined from Greenacre have achived more than 225,000 km in two years of taxi service.

Taxi T4605 Ford Falcon 1995 From 08/01/1997 till 25/09/1998 

He and two other drivers have managed to achive 225,000 km with out having lost time and money, with no brake down in two years having saved a lot in fuel. He is used to having to do his own service in oil change and no more wasted oil.

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