Mr Kim

Mr Kim- Retail outlet for toho9000 in auto joy motor sport

The more you drive it the better it get

Mr Kim From Auto Joy At Parramatta is personally using it in his Audi. He has been driving the vehicles for the last 2.5 years without changing the engine oil. he says, "The car is soo smooth and perform so well, i'm so impressed with the fuel efficency and i also carry TOHO 9000 in my shop." 

Address: 261 Church St, Parramatta, NSW, 2150.
Tel: (61 2) 98915566
e-mail: sale@autojoy.com.au
website: www.autojoy.com.au

Mr Makoto Endoh

Mr Makoto Endoh- JAL Engineering and Service With TOHO 9000

Thank you for your Telefax on 13 May 1998 
We at Airport Engineering and Service is a menber of the JAL group.

Kansai plant performs maintenance of ground support Equipments(G S E) for Aircraft.
(Please refer Profile 1 & 2)

Secondly, we use NEO MH001 oil (TOHO 9000) in the Aircraft Tow Tractors,Cargo Loaders and Cargo tugs etc. 
NEO Oil ( TOHO 9000 ) is very good performance For Example, case of Aircraft Tow Tractor's engine oil, Usually, Engin oil should be replace every 250Hr of operating hour. But replacement interval of NEO (TOHO) became every 2,500Hr of operating hour. Also over haul interval extendad 125% more. 
If you have any questions, please contact me Mr Makoto Endoh Phone:724-55-3467


TOHO9000- Toho 9000 run for 1250hr with Liebherr D926 TI-E Engine for Endurance Test

Toho9000 max with Shell Helix 10w -30 lube oil for Deisel Engine. 

The Engine cleanliness was good. 

After 1250Hrs which is equal to 100,000 km in real life. I has run every day for 22 heavy loading hours for more than 4 months. 
But toho9000 still is satisfactory and suitable for further use.


TOHO9000- RTA Australia for Taxi

You do not have to change your engine oil ever 6000 km to 7000 km if you are using TOHO9000 to protect your engine oil and helps us reduce oil and fuel consumption. 

Why Change every moth Change every year. How good is that? 

SAVE $$$$ and TIME 

And your Cab runs so much better ! With TOHO9000! way to go TOHO9000.....

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