Alen Jonson

Alen Jonson- Engineer

TOHO9000 is really awesome! I bought it from TOHO9000.com.au and after I have used it in my Mitsubishi car, the torque and horsepower of my car’s engine has improved. It’s a diesel car that I have but it has worked great in it. I am very happy with its performance and would really recommend you to buy it as well if you are looking for a high performance engine oil treatment.

Robert Brown

Robert Brown- Ceo

For all those people who are looking for a high performance engine oil treatment for their motorbikes, cars, trucks or boats should go and buy TOHO9000 from TOHO9000.com.au. I have made my purchase recently from there for my car and thus I would like to mention that I am really enjoying its benefits. It is also good for the environment.

John Doe

John Doe- HOD

Before purchasing TOHO9000 from TOHO9000.com.au I tested my car on a Dyno machine. I even tested it after adding TOHO9000. I saw the difference instantly. It increased the horsepower and torque of my car’s engine instantly by 4%.


Toho9000- TOHO9000 is the most amazing proven product in oil protection

TOHO9000 is a proven product in oil protection and it increases Performance in your Engine Oil

Extends Engine oil life up to 20 times longer

AVL Endurance Tests with Toho9000 from 07/07/96 till 07/11/96 
22hr every days for 4 months and 2 weeks total of 1250 hr running time = 100,000 KM without any irregularities. 

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